Aussie Minikin Lantern - Sydney Harbour


Beautiful Sydney Harbour is a favourite for visitors wanting to enjoy swimming, diving or yachting. The 240 km shoreline around the world’s largest natural harbour is dotted with beaches, botanic gardens and bush areas; a boon for keen trippers. The iconic Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge -"the coathangar"- provide memories that can be treasured for a lifetime.

Light up your candle lantern with simply a tealight for a gorgeous glow while reminiscing about your time there, or pair yours up with a collections of these beautiful Aussie Minikin Lanterns.

Combining delicate porcelain, stylish timber and beautiful illustrations of iconic Australian destinations, these stunning lanterns are the epitome of understated elegance.

The collection includes designs from spectacular coastlines of crystal -clear waters to majestic Uluru, Australia is a land of sun, surf and sand. Feel the salt air wafting on the sea breeze and the trickling of golden sand between your toes as you wander along beaches of swaying palm trees and perfumed eucalyptus trees.

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Size: 10cm x 9cm