Dreamtime Stories Coaster - Desert Frogs


Introducing our brand new Dreamtime Stories Coasters which are designed by Kathleen Buzzacott. This design illustrates the Dreamtime Story 'Desert Frogs'.
Dry creeks and rivers are filled with life after rain, this is when the desert frogs appear and children love catching them as they pop out of the sand.

From a young age Kathleen lived with her family on a remote aboriginal community in Central Australia. Her designs are inspired by life experiences in a time free of modern technology. Treasured family times were spent out bush on hunting trips, searching for bush tucker, seeking out desert waterholes and playing with desert creatures. Kathleen still lives in the bush with her husband and their two sons, on his maternal land west of Alice Springs. 

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A portion of each sale goes to the artist.

Size: 12cm diameter

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