Granite Pillar Candle - Champagne & Cassis, Small

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Delight yourself choosing from our "fragranced rainbow" of Pillar Candles.  You will love the long-burning quality and the sparkling crystalline structure which creates a unique paper-like shell as the candle burns. Hand-poured from natural plant and bees wax and lavishly fragranced, these candles don't melt in the sun!  

To create an attractive hollowed candle, it is important to set the memory of the candle the first time by burning for long enough that the melt pool is near the edge of the candle. For best results, burn no longer than 3 to 4 hours at a time. Always ensure your wick is trimmed to 5 mm before lighting and trim again if it becomes longer - the flame should have the shape of a teardrop.


Small:  65mm x 70mm - 30 hrs 

About fragrances: Made with 100% essential oils and natural fragrances, from sustainable sources.

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