Himalayan Salt Oil Warmer Lamp


Combine the purifying benefits of Himalayan salt with the therapeutic benefits of 100% all-natural essential oils. The Himalayan Salt Oil Warmer gently warms when turned on, emitting neutralising negative ions. Add essential oil to the warming dish for an aromatherapy experience as you naturally purify the air.

Essential oils are gently warmed to create a spa-like aromatherapy experience in the home.

Himalayan Salt Lamps emit energizing negative ions, purifying the air, improving mood, and providing a natural-feeling light source.

  • Negative ions help neutralize positive ions emitted from devices such as phones and computers.
  • Water molecules attracted by the salt can carry positive ions.
  • Salt crystals warmed by the bulb evaporate the water molecules, helping to neutralize the positive water molecules trapped in them. Illuminated salt crystals create a soothing, therapeutic glow.

Length: ~19cm
Width: ~14cm
Height ~27cm
Weight: ~1.4kg
Electrical Rating: 240V, 60Hz, 25W
Bulb Type: NP6 Candle Warmers Etc. replacement bulb
Switch Type: Rocker Switch
Testing Approval: ETL Listed

Globe included.

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