Hope in a Box - Garden Purple

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Inspired by the everlasting story of Sadako Sasaki, each piece in Short Story’s Hope In A Box range of hand-folded paper cranes is a symbol of hope. They represent the one thousand cranes that Sadako, a young girl who became ill due to the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, aimed to fold so that she could be granted a wish.

Expertly folded using the highest quality authentic Japanese origami paper,the beautiful cranes are presented inside a pristine glass globe to keep them unblemished while on display. This origami paper is specially sourced so that the vivid colours and metallic embellishments are long-lasting. As they are all individually folded by hand, each paper crane is unique. Explore the beautiful prints of each crane and find your favourite today!

These origami ornaments come contained in a clear box adorned with a ribbon which can be re-purposed to hang the globe wherever you desire. The box also tells the inspiring story of Sadako. They make a heartening gift for your loved ones. Each box also comes with a beautiful Hope In A Box gift tag so that you can write a personal message to the lucky recipient.

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