400 Piece Mindful Jigsaw Puzzle - Queenie


This isn’t just a jigsaw puzzle. It’s a map to mindfulness. Cast your eyes over the beautiful artwork, give your fingers something to do other than scroll a screen and rest your busy mind. 

Intricately and digitally illustrated, Queenie by Tonia Composto, comprises nine decorative images that emphasise the many different hats a woman needs to wear, sometimes all in one day. Empowering, abundant and feminine this artwork encourages the viewer to help straighten the crown of her sisters rather than compete over the crown.

400 pieces are housed in a reusable cotton draw-string bag and beautifully packaged in a display worthy cylinder. 

When your finished you can frame it and show it off in your very own home.  

Completed Size: 52cm x 52xm

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