Mini Candle Gift Set - Pohutukawa on White Plate

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Made with natural plant & bees wax these sparkling float-able candles make a delightful gift or small fragrant and glowing accessory for your own home.  Once the candle is burnt out you can place a matching tea light in the hollow and keep the flame alight again and again.  The handy ceramic plate can always be used in other ways later.

Burn time: 6 hours

Plate dimensions: 100mm x 80mm     

Candle dimensions: 28mm x 60mm x 60mm

About fragrances: Made with 100% essential oils and natural fragrances, from sustainable sources.

Pohutukawa: Feel your spirit soar with this spicy blend of white pepper and cinnamon on a base of redcurrant, cassis and a hint of citrus. 

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