Soy Wax Melts, Clamshell - Banana Split


Channel tranquillity into your home with an elegant, cleaner and longer lasting fragrance. 

Banana Split: This unique fragrance starts with a subtle base of vanilla and is layered in fresh kiwi fruit, mango, bubblegum and then finished off with the most amazing scents of banana, grapefruit and fresh strawberries. Its the banana split you always dreamed of.

Experience superior scent with Innove Soy Wax Melts. These melts feature a softer, chalkier and crumblier texture as a result of their natural curing process. Made without chemical dyes, UV inhibitors, wax hardeners or preservatives, it highlights the best Australian made fragrance oils blended with 100% raw soy wax. 

Simply break off one cube from the block of 6, pop it into the top of an oil burner or melt warmer and wait for the gorgeous aroma to fill your home. Always read instructions before use.

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